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Shipping & Returns



Α)  By Courier


We cooperate with the transport company ACS.


Charge (€ to / kg)

Charge (in addition / kg)

Delivery time

(working day)

Inside the City

€ 6.20 / 2 kg

€ 1.50 / 1 kg


Within the Region

€ 6.20 / 2 kg

€ 1.50 / 1 kg


Land Destinations

€ 6.20 / 2 kg

€ 1.50 / 1 kg


Island Destinations

€ 6.20 / 2 kg

€ 1.50 / 1 kg


Inaccessible Areas

€ 10.50 / 2 kg

€ 3.50 / 1 kg



* Delivery time is indicative, concerns working days from the date of departure from Athens and may vary depending on conditions.


  • Inside the City-Concerns the receipt, transfer and delivery of shipments within the same city. Shipments within the prefectures of Attica (from South Attica to South Attica) are considered Within the City with the exception of any inaccessible areas.


  • Land Destinations-Concerns the receipt, transport and delivery of shipments to Land Destinations of the ACS Company network


  • Island Destinations - Concerns the receipt, transfer and delivery of shipments to Island Destinations of the ACS Company network


  • Inaccessible areas - Areas outside the boundaries of the main cities of the ACS Company network, are characterized as inaccessible destinations and are listed on the ACS website.

For courier transport on products exceeding 5 kg (volumetric or by weight), a discount can be requested by bank deposit or by card.

- In any case, before sending your order, we will contact you and inform you about the exact cost of shipping.


B) with Transport Agency - Trucks (1-5 working days)



In the case of transport agencies there is no cash on delivery option and shipping costs are paid by you upon receipt of the order from the agency or at the address you indicate.

It is also possible to send the order with an agency of your choice.




For shipments to Cyprus, shipping is done with ELTA COURIER or with an agency of your choice at your own expense


When completing the order, select "By Agreement" and in the Comments the way you wish.


D) Collection from the Store


You can pick up the spare parts directly from our store, at no extra charge.


Mpizaniou 1 & G. Papandreou 2, Metamorfosi Attikis


In case the spare part has to be unloaded from a vehicle and more time is needed, a telephone notification will be given for the exact delivery time.


Deliveries are made throughout the day from 09:00 to 17:00.


For heavy or bulky items, the shipment is made with a transport agency. In this case the method of payment is exclusively the bank deposit. Shipping is clearly cheaper with the transport agency and burdens the customer upon delivery. In particular, orders that include heavy or bulky items and are delivered by Transport agencies, will not be executed for the dates 24-12 & 31-12.


All of the above cannot be true - of course - when extreme weather events or strikes occur and in any case of force majeure.

Return - Product Replacement


If you wish to change a product or want to return any defective products, for your best service follow the instructions below.





Every change must be made within 3 days from the date of purchase, with the proof of purchase (because it helps us to serve you immediately and reliably) that accompanies the product. In addition, the products that will be changed should be returned in their original condition, in their packaging, without any damage - deterioration - since the products will be back on the shelf for sale - and the products that will be purchased should be be of equal or greater value.




Any return and change of any defective products must be made within 3 days from the date of purchase, with the proof of purchase that accompanies the product. The product can be replaced only if the packaging is presented and only if the defect does not come from misuse of the consumer or violation of the instructions for use of the product.


For products with a factory warranty, we can tell you where to go to replace or correct them.


In all cases the replacement or return is made only if you have contacted the company the same or the next day.