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About us

Our company


ANKE-KOUNANIS is active in the field of import and trade of used and new car spare parts of group VW.


With a presence in the automotive industry since 1974, it has managed to develop and gain a leading position thanks to the wide variety of products.


The company's facilities, totaling 4,000 sq.m., are located in Metamorfosi - Attica and Koropi - Attica and host in excellent storage conditions all the spare parts of the companies VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA. The advanced product management and storage system, as well as the introduction and distribution of quality spare parts in the market contributed to the rapid growth of the company.



Our strategy

Aims to provide quality spare parts to the market


It focuses on the immediate and reliable service of our customers, as well as the creation of long-term and strong collaborations with professionals in the industry, such as garages, body shops, car rental companies and dealerships, in order to build relationships of trust.


Ensures the continuous expansion of the spare parts portfolio, which it offers in an efficient and flexible way to the market.